Hyperbole Creations 2000 … Present Madison, Indiana

Hyperbole Creations is a web design, development, graphics, and language intense consulting firm that produces innovative answers to communications problems over a broad range of enterprise approaches and levels of expertise. I worked as standards creator, a position that involves providing content, liaison with clients, pre-conceptualization, project supervision, research, and review of solution sets.

Pas de Trois 2002 … Present Louisville, Kentucky

Pas de Trois is the commercial end of Firestorm and is a development stage company designed to produce information and training on earning a living while pursuing an arts career.

Firestorm 2000 … Present Calico Rock, Arkansas

Firestorm is a faith-based initiative to use arts as a means of social development. It has enlisted the aid of others whenever necessary to complete its tasks, and has travelled to eleven states and has trained dancers and speakers for appearance before thousands of people.

r&b dances 1995 … 2001

At r&b dances we formed teams of investors for day and swing trading on the NASDAQ market. We also formed a boutique research house, serving the needs of traders, angel money investors, and entrepreneurs seeking angel money. Our teams assisted in the formation of over a dozen enterprises and reviewed hundreds of proposals for angel and IB investors. We gained a minor "buzz" reputation in the investment community and were quoted in the WSJ, as well as having one team featured in an article on web-based alliances at work in the market.

All this work was performed under complete non-disclosure agreements.

Community Building Organizations 1981 … 1995 Calico Rock, Arkansas
Izard County Industrial Development Board 1977 … 1982 Izard County, Arkansas

I served as chairman of the Development Board from 1977 to 1982. I was asked by the Izard County government to create and manage a board to ascertain the resource base of Izard County, including personnel skills and develop plans for the increase of earned income per household through the attraction of industry. The task entailed understanding tax law, government programs at the federal and state levels, formulating concrete plans to attract specific industries and employers, and occasionally speak on behalf of the county.

The White River Current 1974 … 1980 Calico Rock, Arkansas

Co-founder and publisher of award winning county-level newspaper. In late 1973 was hired by a group of investors to create, publish, write, and market a county wide newspaper. This paper has steadily grown into an award winning paper serving a growing rural community.

The South Side News 1972 … 1973 Chicago, Illinois

The South Side News was a “black” newspaper specifically presenting the needs for a black republicanism, while serving primarily as a weekly general news and commentary vehicle for the south side of Chicago. I worked as a columnist, and edited national news into its Chicago spin.

Chicago Metro News 1971 … 1972 Chicago, Illinois

The Metro News was the nation’s largest weekly newspaper devoted purely to issues of civil rights and social justice. I was a columnist and editor for this paper and my column focused on the “white” and rural perspective, and balanced against three African-American columnists of varying slant. In addition, I wrote and edited news concerning major court action around the U.S.

Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation 1970 … 1973 Chicago, Illinois

Member of Governing Board. The post consisted of reviewing cases pre-vetted by a staff of interning attorneys and deciding which situations merited litigation based on breadth of possible affected class, chances of successful litigation and apparent wilful intent to violate or circumvent extant federal civil rights protection.

Cook County Economic Assistance Corporation 1970 … 1973 Chicago, Illinois

Member of Advisory Board. The post involved analyses of job, housing and credit availability to lower income families and individuals in the southern third of the Cook County population base, with an emphasis on identification of underlying factors subject to remediation or plans for change in focus, support services, or possible legislation.

Doc Gandalf’s Cafe 1968 … 1970 Chicago, Illinois

Gandalf’s Cafe was an “indoor street corner” that served as a runaway counselling center, drug rescue and rehabilitation center, point sexually transmitted diseases, and relationships with peers, family and romantic interests. We were featured by the Chicago Tribune after a study by the University of Illinois noted that after we opened, crime rates in the 16th precinct (where we were located) dropped by 16% overall, with some indicators dropping 30%. I was a co-owner of Doc Gandalf’s Cafe and a member of the board of Sanctum, Inc.

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